Corporate Profile

Baldwin started out as a custom woodworking and milling service provider. In 2007, Baldwin Woodworking was established to deliver quality finishing carpentry and millwork services in Red Deer and Central Alberta. 

Red Seal certified journeyman carpenter, and owner Cory Baldwin personally oversees all our work teams. He makes sure that members are experienced finishing carpenters, with a natural talent for the job they love.

Baldwin Woodworking keeps their teams accountable by setting stringent quality guidelines. All work is inspected by our quality assurance team to make sure that the job is done right the first time. If any work does not meet our standards, it will be rectified before the job is presented to the client. This keeps our installers accountable and our customers know that they get the top quality job that they expect. 

Baldwin Woodworking consists of a team of experienced woodworkers who love wood, and know how to draw the beauty out of it. Visit our portfolio of custom hardwood floors, doors, window sashes, trim and other mouldings all crafted from sustainable forests.

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